Thursday, August 7, 2008

Black Boys Education Continues to be Neglected

Black boys in racist America continue to be grossly miseducated, undereducated, and most are not graduating. According to a recent 2008 report issued by the Schott Foundation for Public Education, Detroit, Michigan is the worst in the nation when it comes to graduating Black males from high school.

Detroit Public Schools has the second-lowest rate for big-city school districts and graduates only 20 percent of its Black male students. Michigan graduates 33 percent of Black males compared with 74 percent of white males. Nationally, 47 percent of Black male students and 75 percent of white male students graduated on time. The dismal high-school graduation rates of Black males in the United States are some of the lowest in the world when it comes to secondary education completion.

The 10 lowest performing states according to the report are:

50. Michigan: 33% Black Males74% White Males
49. Wisconsin: 36% Black Males87% White Males
48. South Carolina: 38% Black Males59% White Males
47. Louisiana: 38% Black Males60% White Males
46. Florida: 38% Black Males60% White Males
45. New York: 39% Black Males75% White Males
44. Nevada: 40% Black Male55% White Males
43. Illinois: 40% Black Males82% White Males
42. Georgia: 40% Black Males58% White Males
41. Wyoming: 41% Black Males72% White Males

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