Saturday, June 27, 2015

Racist Low-Intensity Warfare and the Massacre in South Carolina

by Kenray Sunyaru

Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan are war-torn countries immersed in civil war, sectarian violence, and massive suffering. The U.S. government plays a ‘major role’ internally and externally facilitating the violence in these countries.

Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan are examples of ‘high-intensity warfare’; High-Intensity warfare is the large military force of troops, armor, ships, jets, and missiles.

This evening I will briefly highlight racism and ‘low-intensity warfare' in America; the domestic law enforcement's daily military operations waged against Black men specifically and Black people in general.  

What is low-intensity warfare?  Simply put, low-intensity warfare is an ongoing small-scale war like the every day racist ‘war on drugs’ and ‘war on gangs’ that specifically target Black men.

Low-intensity-warfare is the massive incarceration of Black men. Low-intensity warfare is the racist police murders of Black men. Low-intensity warfare is the racist war waged by white supremacist groups and individuals against Black people. 

Indeed, racist low-intensity warfare was carried out yesterday June 17th in Charleston, South Carolina, where a 21 year-old white supremacist Dylann Storm Roof massacred 9 Black people inside their Emmanuel AME Church that was founded by the great Black slave rebel leader Denmark Vesey.

The Black murder victims included 6 females and 3 males; one of the victims was Pastor Clementa Pinckney who also served as a South Carolina State Senator.

You see white supremacists ain’t never cared about Black Churches! Black Preachers! and Black politicians! Have we forgotten they assassinated our greatest preacher Martin Luther King, Jr? Have we forgotten about the white supremacist terrorist bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in 1965 in Birmingham, Alabama where 4 Black girls were murdered?

As Blacks in Michigan, have we forgot about ‘up the road’ in Flint? In Flint during 2010, a racist serial murderer stabbed 13 Black men killing 5 of them. White supremacy murders of Black people from Flint in 2010 to South Carolina in 2015 are not surprising. A recent report by the FBI’s Civil Rights Division reveals that Blacks are targeted by hate crimes the most in America – 70 percent of the victims!

As Black people, when we truly realize and accept that we are the most despised, rejected, and hated racial group in America; when we come to this realization we will have the understanding to stop hating ourselves and killing ourselves; we will respect ourselves, unite with ourselves, build for ourselves, and protect ourselves!!!!!!  

Dylannn Roof Racist Mass Murderer And White Men Beyond Suspicion

by Kenray Sunyaru

This morning I went to the Credit Union where I have done my banking at for over 30 years. I went to an open window with an unfamiliar teller; I believe she was from another branch office.

I gave her my account number and my work identification; she acknowledged that my workplace had deposited a certain amount of money into my account and then asked me for my birth date. She then went over to a white male teller and asked him if I was a familiar customer, he looked at me and nodded his head yes. After being cleared as a possible Black male suspect she continued to wait on me.

Indeed, a Black man in America is constantly a suspect from one place to another, before being a suspect at the Credit Union, I had gotten on the elevator at a local hospital and there was one lone white woman already on the elevator and when I entered, this woman’s face expressed ‘fright’ encountering a Black male suspect as if I were about to rob her, attack her, or rape her. She dropped her head as though she could not stand to look at me or maybe her head was down because she was praying I wouldn't harm her.

What this white woman did not realize as racist stereotypical thoughts were running through her mind, the thoughts in my mind were here is a ‘negro-phobic’ white woman that can cause me to be arrested, jailed, or worse. 

What both of these white women in these incidents don’t understand is that, due to Blacks being 70% of the victims of hate crimes and the history of white women lying on Black men I should, and I do view them more as ‘suspects’ than they should view me as one.

Let us take a look at how criminal suspects are treated in cases involving white men and Black men. According to the Charlotte Observer and other newspaper/media sources, cited that the Shelby, North Carolina police who ‘peacefully’ arrested white supremacist Dylann Roof after he had just massacred 9 Blacks in Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, treated him to a free meal at a local Burger King.

Roof told these police officers that being on the run all he had eaten was a bag of chips. Yes, empathetic white police felt Roof, who had ‘put in all that work’ slaughtering 9 Black people had ‘worked up an appetite’ and needed a couple of whoppers, fries, and a coke.

In contrast these same white police officers would have never taken a Black man they had arrested for massacring 9 white people in a church to a Soul-Food joint because he was hungry. Take the Black man to buy him some barbeque ribs, some greens, some yams, some macaroni and cheese, some potato salad, and some cornbread?  No, the Black man probably would have been beaten or killed on the spot of arrest.

With white men committing so much violence against Black people historically; with white men being the overwhelming majority of mass murderers and serial killers in this country how did Dylann Roof escape our suspicion? Why, because white male supremacy in American has been so successful in distorting the minds of most Black folks that white men are supreme and can’t be perceived as suspicious! The Black AME church members viewed Roof as a white male religious brethren instead of suspicious; he was not the Christian they assumed, he was really the 'angel of death'!

Not only was Roof not perceived as a suspect, Black families of his murder victims forgave him. Wow, with this distorted Christian forgiveness attitude they should just drop his murder charges and these Black families can invite Roof over for a Sunday fried chicken dinner with sweet potato pie as dessert and pray with him like their murdered love ones did at church before they eat!