Saturday, June 27, 2015

Racist Low-Intensity Warfare and the Massacre in South Carolina

by Kenray Sunyaru

Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan are war-torn countries immersed in civil war, sectarian violence, and massive suffering. The U.S. government plays a ‘major role’ internally and externally facilitating the violence in these countries.

Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan are examples of ‘high-intensity warfare’; High-Intensity warfare is the large military force of troops, armor, ships, jets, and missiles.

This evening I will briefly highlight racism and ‘low-intensity warfare' in America; the domestic law enforcement's daily military operations waged against Black men specifically and Black people in general.  

What is low-intensity warfare?  Simply put, low-intensity warfare is an ongoing small-scale war like the every day racist ‘war on drugs’ and ‘war on gangs’ that specifically target Black men.

Low-intensity-warfare is the massive incarceration of Black men. Low-intensity warfare is the racist police murders of Black men. Low-intensity warfare is the racist war waged by white supremacist groups and individuals against Black people. 

Indeed, racist low-intensity warfare was carried out yesterday June 17th in Charleston, South Carolina, where a 21 year-old white supremacist Dylann Storm Roof massacred 9 Black people inside their Emmanuel AME Church that was founded by the great Black slave rebel leader Denmark Vesey.

The Black murder victims included 6 females and 3 males; one of the victims was Pastor Clementa Pinckney who also served as a South Carolina State Senator.

You see white supremacists ain’t never cared about Black Churches! Black Preachers! and Black politicians! Have we forgotten they assassinated our greatest preacher Martin Luther King, Jr? Have we forgotten about the white supremacist terrorist bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in 1965 in Birmingham, Alabama where 4 Black girls were murdered?

As Blacks in Michigan, have we forgot about ‘up the road’ in Flint? In Flint during 2010, a racist serial murderer stabbed 13 Black men killing 5 of them. White supremacy murders of Black people from Flint in 2010 to South Carolina in 2015 are not surprising. A recent report by the FBI’s Civil Rights Division reveals that Blacks are targeted by hate crimes the most in America – 70 percent of the victims!

As Black people, when we truly realize and accept that we are the most despised, rejected, and hated racial group in America; when we come to this realization we will have the understanding to stop hating ourselves and killing ourselves; we will respect ourselves, unite with ourselves, build for ourselves, and protect ourselves!!!!!!  

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