Saturday, August 18, 2012

Love to Hate Black Man Syndrome

by Kenray Sunyaru

The topic of this article was drawn from two sources: first, about a month ago a 7 year-old Black boy in Detroit committed suicide – he hung himself. One report from a white ‘gay-rights’ source said the little boy killed himself because he was constantly teased and bullied by boys because he was the only boy in the home of 8 females. The ‘gay-rights’ group attempted to paint their agenda on the Black boy’s death – he was depressed due to being viewed as a ‘sissy’, took his own life to end the torment.

However, according to the boy’s Mother, she had told her pastor that her son had been depressed due to her recent separation from his Father. To the ‘gay-rights’ group, why would a Black boy become despondent over being separated from his Father, a Black man – what child could love and miss a ‘no-good’ Black man.

The other source of my speech was a conversation I had with 2 young Black women who were in a ‘same-sex’ relationship. I struck up a conversation with them and asked why a growing number of young Black ladies are in same-sex relationships. One responded by saying, ‘Black men are no good, they’re dogs, and sperm donors’.

My response was, ‘if Black men are so bad why are you dealing with a woman who looks just like a man? If you despise Black men so much why don’t you deal with a woman who looks like a woman? ‘ Looking confused, the young lady could not give me an answer. What she was ‘clear on’ is that Black men are ‘no good’ and that she prefers to be with a symbolic woman-man.

With racism significantly hampering their lives and living under the hardships of a white financial emergency manager, these 2 young Black ladies can only focus in on blaming Black men. These 2 sources of my speech this evening represent the ‘love to hate Black men syndrome’ that originated on slave plantations – devised by white male plantation owners.

To destroy Black men through character assassination by scapegoating; singling out Black men by projecting them with debasing and distorted images of ‘Blame’ that would lead to them being despised by whites as well as Blacks. Scapegoating Black men was a means of distraction by which white men through transference, transferred their evilness on to Black men.

Historically take sex for example, white men raped hundreds of thousands of Black women. Then white men would project that Black men wanted to rape white women, they created a false hysteria where white women lied on thousands of Black men whom they said tried to rape them resulting in the barbaric lynching of Black men. This scape-goating, transference, and projection continue to this day.

Let us take a more recent look at sex scandals, ex-president Bill Clinton – a white man committed adultery with Monica Lewinsky in the White House and lied about the affair. Clinton was never impeached nor faced jail time and his affair has been primarily overlooked. Now contrast Bill Clinton with a Black man, ex-mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick. The white controlled media portrayed Kwame 24/7 as the vilest, immoral, and most corrupt politician on the face of the earth; although Kwame’s actions were no different from Bill Clinton’s. Today Bill Clinton is one of America’s most popular presidents ever, especially among Blacks.

While Black men continue to be portrayed as hypersexual and immoral, it is white men who are the main sexual deviants. Look at all the white male catholic priests who are pedophiles; look at Jerry Sandusky at Penn State. Regarding crime, the white news media constantly focuses on Black male crime – Black men stealing and robbing, yet white men, white-collar criminals, can embezzle and steal billions of dollars on Wall Street, throw this economy into its worst economic depression ever. But they have been forgiven, these CEO’s of banks and investment firms continue to get money from the federal government; still getting multi-million dollar annual bonuses.

Take a look at murders, the main focus is on Black male killers who are constantly ‘demonized’, yet it is white men who commit most of your mass murders in the workplace, colleges, and restaurants. Look at the recent white male mass murderer James Holmes who killed 12 and wounded 59 in Aurora, Colorado.

Immediately after Holmes mass murder, this cold-blooded white male killing machine was portrayed by the white corporate controlled media from a psycho-therapeutic perspective. The media discourse has gone to great lengths to ‘humanize’ and rationalize Holmes’s actions, describing him in sympathetic terms. Then you had Wade Michael Page the avowed white supremacist killer in Wisconsin who murdered 6 Sikhs. Whether it’s George Bush, Jr. lying about Weapons of Mass Destruction, the lie that justified the war against Iraq, or white male mass murderers like Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols terrorist bombers who killed 168 people and injured over 800 in Oklahoma City white men can do no wrong even when they do wrong!

No matter how many horrendous murders and tremendous wrongdoings white men commit, it is eventually forgiven and overlooked. They get the love and have caused the most hate because their hate is overshadowed by the love to hate Black man syndrome propaganda they’ve created.

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