Monday, November 12, 2018

Black Men Continue to be Murdered by Racist Police Simply for Living While Black

by Kenny Anderson

"No Black person in America should be shocked at the ongoing racist police murders of Black men. From slavery to the present Black men have been routine victims of racist murders simply for Living While Black" - Kwado Akoma Akofena

Jemel Roberson 

The trend of racist police killings of Black men has shown no signs of letting up, with the latest being a Black male security guard ‘Jemel Roberson’ killed by police (Nov 11th ) at a bar in suburban Chicago (Robbins, Illinois) as he detained a suspected gunman according to officials and witnesses.

Jemel Roberson, 26, who was armed with a legally owned firearm chased down and caught one of the gunman pinning him down waiting on the police to arrive.

Moments after police came on the scene, a white officer immediately believing Roberson was a suspect opened fire killing him. Indeed Roberson was murdered for ‘doing his job while Black’.

According to some of Roberson’s friends he was a spiritual man, besides his security guard job they say he worked as a gospel musician at several nearby churches and had dreams of joining the police force. The pastor of Purposed Hill Church in Chicago Patricia Hill stated: "The very people that he wanted to be family with took his life.”

Botham Shem Jean

Two months before Roberson’s murder an off-duty Dallas, Texas white female police officer Amber Guyger shot and killed another 26 year-old Black male ‘Botham Shem Jean’ on Sept. 6 after she wrongfully entered his apartment; Botham was murdered for being in his own apartment while Black!

Antwon Rose

An over two months before Botham’s murder (June 19) a 17-year-old Black male ‘Antwon Rose’ was shot and killed in Pittsburgh, PA by a white police officer Michael H. Rosfeld during a traffic stop. Rose was murdered for riding in a car while Black!

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