Thursday, February 7, 2019

Black History Month: Indeed We Stand on the Shoulders of Our Freedom-Fighting Ancestors – Ashe!

by Kenray Sunyaru

In the Memory of All of Our Freedom-Fighting Ancestors both known and unknown; who dared all, sacrificed all, shouldered all, and died for our struggle for freedom and self-determination we venerate and salute all of you! 
Our Freedom-Fighting Ancestors Shouldered:

*Our Freedom-Fighting Ancestors ‘shouldered’ carried the burden of our oppression ‘white supremacy’.

*Our Freedom-Fighting Ancestors ‘shouldered’ the weight during slavery and afterwards of making a way out of no way; their shoulders were the bridge that helped us cross over the daily turbulent white waters of persecution.

*Our Freedom-Fighting Ancestors ‘shouldered’ took on the massive challenge to struggle against racial oppression.

*Our Freedom-Fighting Ancestors ‘shouldered’ pushed forward ‘striving toward freedom’ against all odds of racial oppression.

*Our Freedom-Fighting Ancestors ‘shouldered’ applied themselves vigorously for self-determination; made consistent concentrated resistance efforts for freedom.

*Our Freedom-Fighting Ancestors ‘shouldered’ cooperated with each other shoulder to shoulder in mutual aid.

*Our Freedom-Fighting Ancestors ‘shouldered' speaking truth to power; frankly exposing the oppressors and talking to us candidly - telling it like it is ‘straight from the shoulder’.

Let us take time this Black History Month to honor our Freedom Fighting Ancestors ‘Shoulders’, let them inspire us to strengthen our own shoulders to continue their legacy of shouldering. 

Let us daily remember our Freedom Fighting Ancestors and our responsibility to them by touching our shoulders throughout the day to be mindful of our purpose.

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