Friday, July 19, 2019


by Quincy Stewart III, War Correspondent

Take a little trip with me now if you will. No drugs are needed, not even a drink. No hypnosis or fancy meditations from Depok Chopra. We won't even need an invocation by Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton or your local pastor, rabbi, imam or priest.
Let's imagine that Donald Trump is a Black man - Not Obama Black...uh uh...nope. Yaphett Koto, Don Cheadle Black. Wider nose, thicker lips, coarse hair, unmistakably and un-apologetically Black. No white mother to parade around or a dad from Africa. His mother is from Louisiana and his dad is from Detroit.
Let's say he too has been divorced three times and had several girlfriends, publicly. Let's say he has been accused of groping women all the time and admitted so, unknowingly while being secretly recorded talking about grabbing white women by the vagina and sticking his big pink tongue down under-aged runway model's throats without permission. Now...let me remind you to keep the image of a dark Black man in your mind's eye here....
Let's imagine further that his father was a self-made Black man in Detroit who owned some properties but ONLY rented to Black folk and openly said he would never rent his buildings to crackers, grays, peckerwoods, honkies, ofays, and this was a matter of public record.
Keep walking with me now as we dive a little deeper: His father dodged the draft because he said he wasn't going to fight on the side of crackers in Vietnam who saw him as a nigger in Detroit. This too is a matter of public record. Come on, lets keep going....
Let's imagine this dark Black man put out a full page ad in the Detroit Free Press and the News to kill five white boys via the death penalty accused of raping a Black girl on Belle Isle back in 1986. Come to find out later that those white boys were totally innocent. It was five Black boys that did it. He doesn't apologize at remorse.
Let's say that he was a crooked business man. He lied, cheated, stole and conned his way through his dealings and the whole city of Detroit despised him. Remember...he is Don Cheadle Black...Kunta Kinte Black.... 
Let's say that he put out the rumor and began making it a TV campaign that George Bush was not really born in America. That he was born in S. Africa and is not eligible to be president. Even when Bush presents his birth certificate, this Black man is relentlessly still calling Bush a liar.
Let's imagine that this Black man, let's call him a real Black American slave name like Leroy Washington- decides to run for president. Let's say he divorced his third wife and married....YOU GUESSED IT....a white woman! Not just any run of the mill white woman like many of these brothers date and marry...uh uh... a fine ass white woman who stayed on this man's arm like he had the cure for cancer on it.
He is campaigning with her everywhere he goes and she has that, "I'm gettin' it good every night on the campaign trail" look on her face in front of campaign rallies in Iowa, Montana, the Upper Peninsula, Mississippi and Texas. He flaunts his wealth; he had a local TV Show in Detroit....he is a celebrity of sorts with absolutely NO experience in politics, foreign affairs, and was a lousy businessman to boot.
Stay with me...He is Black, handsome, confident and loquacious... He runs on a campaign to, "Make America Black Again." He is referring directly to the period between 1865 and 1880 when Blacks made tremendous strides in every area of activity during Reconstruction. 
This Black man is running on a ticket to make us feel nostalgic for those times when the government instituted the Freedmen's Bureau and gave out land, grants, and enormous hands up to level the playing field and right the wrongs of the past. That's his ticket that he is running on.
He makes speeches where he is referring to Timothy McVeigh and the domestic terrorism of white men in this country as a threat to American democracy as we know it. In a speech he said that, "white men are rapists, murderers and criminals, and maybe some of them are good people." He says that we need more border security along the east coast so that Europeans cannot be let in.
He even uses statistics to back up his claims such as: There were more white terrorists than all others combined. We found 160 individuals who fit the FBI’s definition of a terrorist, 105 of whom were white. White terrorists dangerous: While making up 65.6 percent of the terrorists, they represented (56.1 percent) in the number of terrorist murders and represented (79.6 percent) in the number of people injured by terrorists.
DATA: FBI, Department of Homeland Security, Mother the person presenting these stats is a Black man using Homeland Security information. Undeniable. He runs for President. He wins but only due to the Electoral College. He uses his bully pulpit to now disgrace the Office by calling white football players, "son's of bitches" because they are being gunned down by Black police officers in the streets. He likes to hang out with Black leaders of African countries who are ruthless dictators and calls them his friends. 
This Black man even hangs out with leaders in China, Russia as well and despite their acts of pure inhumanity towards their countrymen, President Leroy Washington is down with all of them. Yet, he insults American allies, pulls out of NATO and insults the United Nations. 
This Black president refuses white immigrants fleeing domestic terrorism in Kosovo, the Ukraine and other places and keeps them in what amounts to internment camps in deplorable conditions. They are mostly all white Europeans. Issues about him being a rapist, woman abuser, misogynist, and serial philanderer don't phase him. People he has hung out with in the past turn out to be criminals, rapists, liars and at least, unsavory.
People on his staff have to kiss his Black ass publicly to keep their jobs and lie for him right in the face of the American people. He insults war veterans of Hispanic origin and Native Americans by calling a white woman, "Pocahontas." KEEP IN MIND HE'S A BLACK MAN...DON'T LOSE SIGHT OF THIS.
The Republican Party wants this man not only impeached but drawn and quartered. They are outraged and call for his immediate removal from office as unfit. When they call on the Democrats to join them in removing an obviously insane president (particularly for calling White men terrorists) the Dems just sit there and twiddle their thumbs. They won't speak out when this jet Black president called four white congresswomen "haters of America, of Jews and ought to' leave the country." "President Leroy Washington is not misogynistic and racist", they say.
Jet-Black President Washington has a base of Black people in Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago, Alabama, New York, Philly, Los Angeles, Tampa, Baton Rouge, Flint, St. Louis and a few other places that is rock solid no matter what he says or does. He goes there and makes speeches that are coded full of anti-white phrases. The crowd is waving red, black, and green flags and yelling, "Make America Black Again!" 
COME BACK TO EARTH NOW.....BE HONEST....if he were Black, COULD HE HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH 1/1000TH OF WHAT I JUST WROTE? How silent would Mitch McConnell's deprecated, Night of the Living Dead lookin' ass have been? How closed lipped would the Republicans be? A White Supremacist was able to get into office and stay there because America is founded on the very same ideas he extols.
Make believe is over. I now release you back to your regularly scheduled "programming."

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