Saturday, November 2, 2019

Unfortunately too Many Black Folks Don't Live Purposeful Lives.

by Kenray Sunyaru

As a Black man life has shown me that unfortunately too many Black folks don't live purposeful lives. Indeed so many Black folks confuse obligations for purpose. 

Though the chattel form of slavery is over most of us today totally accept being obligated to serve whites interests: obliged to their country, obliged to their pledge of allegiance, obliged to their racism, obliged to their military, obliged to their voting system as symbolic freedom, obliged to their religion, obliged to their holidays; 

Obliged to their company's, obliged to their jobs, obliged to obtaining their titles/degrees, obliged to constantly pursuing their version of the so-called American dream, obliged biggest purchasers of their consumer products, obliged to playing their lottery games, obliged to using their dope, obliged to harming each other, obliged to live their cultural creation of us, etc. 

So eventually when all of our obligations to them come to an end are we obliged to their notion of a life after death. The inescapable question is what's our purpose'?

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