Friday, April 10, 2020

Black Men Lead in Dying From COVID-19 Deaths

by Kenray Sunyaru

Black men when we usually think of the Ebonic phrase "being caught slipping" it means not having a gun in your possession possibly resulting in being shot or robbed by another Black man. 

This time in a viral sense we’ve been caught slipping by the COVID-19 disease pandemic because our health was ‘slacking’ so our lungs are being attacked and shot through by the virus.

Unfortunately but expectedly due to racism and health irresponsibility as Black men we lead the U.S. in COVID-19 disease deaths. Our deplorable health slacking status in America has been an urgency racial health disparity issue for us to address for many-many decades. 

Black men are dying disproportionately to the COVID-19 virus pandemic
This COVID-19 pandemic has now fully exposed our slacking health neglect and fragilness as an emergency that's taking us out. Too many of us neglected our health pursuing expensive clothes, shoes, jewelry, and vehicles. 

Previously, the only deaths we were focusing on was Black-on-Black male murders which is important, however we weren't focusing on chronic diseases that have been killing Black men off hundreds of times greater than Glocks, AKs, Dracos, and AR-15s. 

Black men millions of us have been 'laid down' prematurely by Heart Disease, Strokes, Diabetes, etc. Yeah we've been focusing on Black homicidals, but not on our suicidal health slacking. 

For all the Black men out here who consider themselves rough-neck, hard-core, thug, and gangsters none of these 'tough identities' can protect y'all from COVID-19; add some health awareness to y'all's identity! 

To Black men who smoke cigarettes and marijuana every day y'all need to quit to save y'all's lungs; smokers are more vulnerable to contract the virus. Y'all need to learn about y'all's lungs and respect y'all's ability to breathe, cause COVID-19 is a 'dog-ass' breath taker for real!

Indeed the COVID-19 upheaval is a time of reckoning and resolution; it's a time for realization that the American system nor us in the past or the present have addressed the Black male health crisis. 

Now in this COVID-19 pandemic we're not dying from 'drive-bys', we're dying from 'airbornes'. Our current Black male health slacking crisis is what Rapper Kendrick Lamar stated when he rapped: "For generations we've been dealt a bad-hand with bad-plans."

As Black men during this COVID-19 pandemic let us now deal ourselves a 'good-hand', developing ourselves a lifestyle changing personal health plan! 

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