Friday, April 16, 2021

In 2020 Black Men Lost Life-Expectancy

by KenRaySun

For us Black males living in racist America it is a pervasive health problem of disproportionate premature deaths from police murders ‘Daunte Wright’ to dying from chronic diseases ‘pathology of oppression’, as Otis Brawley, MD stated:

“Black men too often pay the price with their lives in fatal police encounters. But there’s another price: their health, which is eroded by multiple societal factors over their lifespan. In aggregate, Black men have lower average life expectancy and higher rates of chronic conditions like diabetes and kidney disease than white men. There are very few biological differences between people of different ethnic or racial backgrounds. Rather, race operates on a social level, showing up in how Black men are perceived and treated from violent encounters with law enforcement to the slights of colleagues and the paternalism of doctors who second-guess Black patients. Race also operates on a structural level, undergirding centuries of marginalization that leave many Black Americans with less access to healthy food, safe neighborhoods, educational and professional opportunities, and quality health care.”

Black men it is 'clear' if we accept racist oppression, then we should not expect to live long; future longevity will come as a result of 'self-determination', 'self-defense', and 'self-healing'.

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