Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Black Folks Negative Beliefs

by KenRay SunYaru 

The destruction of Black folks mind 'mentacide' was a mindframe set in place by white supremacist plantation owners based on inferiority complex (self-hatred) and dependent personality to keep our enslaved Ancestors self-contained: from rebelling and escaping.
Mentacide was also 'cognitive distortion' that included psychological subterfuge and false beliefs. Mentally Black folks suffer from false negative beliefs that we have about society and ourselves that are untrue, distorted, slanted, and tainted; this warped thinking has limited us historically both collectively and individually.
Black people's negative beliefs are more likely to be reinforced by the prevailing negative beliefs support they receive from so many other Black folks in response to an erroneous belief or subjective opinion of theirs rather than by logic, objectivity, reasoning, scientific data, and historical facts.
On the plantation slave owners allowed slaves to spread false rumors to create confusion and discord. Today besides white propaganda Black folks through Facebook and Youtube saturate each other with confusing misinformation, slander, lies, half-truths, wishful notions, illogical thinking, false narratives, conspiracy theories, and negative beliefs.
The following our some current prevailing Black negative 'erroneous' beliefs:
*That whites are invincible
*That whites are the standard of excellence
*That whites want racial equality
*That in order to advance we need white support
*That in order to be successful you have to be recognized, certified, and endorsed by whites
*That we are our own worst enemy more than white supremacy
*That we are not from Africa we're Native Americans and slavery didn't happen
*That non-Blacks are really our allies
*That non-Blacks need our money more that we do
*That it's all about buying 'being a consumer slave'
*That you only have a real name when you have white designer name brands
*That voting will free us
*That white politicians will save us
*That Black politicians will free us
*That Black celebrities, actors, entertainers, rappers, and professional athletes will economically save us
*That Dr. King made us free forever
*That President Obama reflected a post-racial America
*That America is not racist - Donald Trump is causing racism
*That Black messianic leaders will save us
*That Black preachers are closer to God

*That Jesus alone is going to save us from racism, poverty, unemployment, homelessness, bad health, etc.
*That the religions of Jews, Europeans, and Arabs (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) are superior to African spiritual systems
*That constantly debating about religion is more important than building a united front for self-determination
*That practicing African-Centered culture and spirituality alone without power will save us
*That 'Black Lives Matter' without making it matter
*That getting college degrees is going to liberate us
*That economically all we need is a 'good job'
*That Black gangs and thugs run the streets of America
*That being called a nigga is okay
*That if you criticize Black criminals who exploit Black folks you're a 'player hater' 

*That shooting fire-arms, going to jail or prison makes you a man
*That being a Black man is all about the 4Ds: your 'dick', your 'dollars', chains your 'dangling', and what your 'driving'
*That 'knowing' is the same as 'doing'
*That 'talking' is the same as 'action'
*That 'others' and 'things' will make you happy
*That you don't have to change, accept me the way I am

*That as a Black woman there's nothing ever been wrong with me - 'I'm always right' (perfect) and Black men have been all wrong, I just need to meet Mr. Right
*That the only personal change I need in my life as a Black woman is a wig, weave, or plastic surgery (new booty)
*That same-sex relations are better, Black men are just sperm-donors
*That a Black man should not be strong, he should think like a woman and dress up like them too
*That strong Black women are too challenging
*That non-Black women are better
*That having a white woman makes you equal to a white man
*That Black women should only look good and be sexy
*That being obese aint unhealthy, to tell folks they should lose weight to better their health is 'fat shaming'
*That being healthy is just having a medical insurance card and relying on a doctor
*That it's not our unhealthy lifestyle choices that cause premature deaths it's God's will - we were called home
*That constructive criticism is wrong 'only God can judge me'
*That you don't have to reap what you sow
*That making excuses exempts you from being responsible
*That others have to tolerate your negative bullshit
*That the rampant individualism of 'you do you' and 'I'll do me' is progressive thinking
*That all ideas are equal in truth
*That beliefs and opinions are above facts
*That conspiracy thinking is the same as logic and critical analysis
*That just blaming others is a solution
*That everybody owes me 'sense of entitlement'
*That loving me is enabling my fucked-up behavior and feeling sorry for me due to my self-inflicting mishaps
*That 'tough love' is not love, only weak 'overlooking' and 'enabling' love' is true love
*That I'm your child and didn't ask to be here so if I become an irresponsible adult you have to take care of me forever

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