Sunday, September 29, 2019

Manly Advice For Women to Improve Their Relationships With Men

by Kenny Anderson

Ladies, let me say this in my life as a man, 30 years as a social worker including specializing in marriage and relationship counseling, I’ve never heard too many woman admit that they contributed to a break up with a man. 

The overwhelming majority of women have said they were perfect, they were totally innocent, they were the victims of his wrong doing, that they are Ms. Right all they needed to do is find - meet Mr. Right.

As a man, ladies we’re often wrong in relationships with women, however for the sake of a bigger truth we need to begin detaching the myth of women as always being Ms. Right.

Ladies, yes you all have many positive sides but you all also have negative sides; as men we see this negative side, many ignore it, while many men just abandon the relationship because of this negativity with out closure due to a sense of futility. 

Indeed men experience the negative side of women expressed in controlling, manipulating, nagging, pettiness, selfishness, ungrateful, toxic emotions, unrealistic thinking and expectations.

Ladies as long as you all hold on to this absolute sense of yall’s perfectionism of being Ms. Right, then you all can never see or admit when you’re wrong. 

When you’re perfect you won’t engage in self-examination, self-criticism, or self-correction; women being perfect results in a double-standard: men are always wrong I’m right, he needs to change but I don’t need to change; this notion of women not needing to change is what many men resent.

        Ladies stop calling women all the time to complain about men; most will only male-bash, re-enforce, and co-sign your complaints, and tell you what you want to hear instead of objectively 'honestly' what you need to hear about your own faults and shortcomings that contribute to failed relationships. 
          Ladies, often times women don't want you to repair, improve, and have a good relationship with the man of your life. Ladies want to know about men then call a man               phone Hey Mr. Ken!                

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